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Kaweri Coffee Plantation in Uganda

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The land rights case on the premises of Kaweri Coffee Plantation Ltd. in Uganda has been concerning us for more than 20 years and we deeply regret that a mutually satisfying solution has still not been reached. Kaweri, a group company of NKG, leased an area of land from the Ugandan government in 2001 on the assurance that it was land free of claims of any kind. Residents of the site, who were resettled, received documented compensation. Individual residents – some of whom were unaware that they were living on land belonging to the property – refused to relocate and turned down compensation payments. These people were forced to leave the land without the knowledge of NKG and Kaweri. To this day, we deeply regret the actions taken against these families. In the following years after the lease began, claims for compensation payments were made. These claims are still being clarified in legal proceedings between the Ugandan government and 401 plaintiffs in total. A settlement with as many as 258 of the 401 plaintiffs was reached in September 2021. Kaweri supports a settlement in this case to the extent possible, but neither Kaweri nor NKG are responsible for the outcome of the case. Please find the detailed chronology and further information on this case below.