World’s largest green coffee service-group invests in Seattle-based specialty coffee importer

February 27, 2018

Neumann Kaffee Gruppe is the leading green coffee service group worldwide with 49 companies in 27 countries and headquarters in Hamburg, Germany. Recognizing the ever-increasing importance of the specialty coffee industry worldwide and especially in North America, Neumann recently made a majority investment in Atlas Coffee Importers of Seattle, Washington. “Neumann and Atlas are a perfect match in terms of core values and our approach to sustainability” says Craig Holt, founder of Atlas, “and we are excited to work with Neumann Kaffee Gruppe as we continue to support our clients and develop quality coffee in partnership with growers.”

Adds David M. Neumann, the Group’s Managing Partner: “This recent addition to our portfolio stresses the importance of North America as the world’s largest coffee consuming market and our lasting commitment to it. With operations in New York, Rhode Island, Houston, San Diego and now Seattle, we cover the entire demand spectrum from commercial grades to specialty and premium specialty. Atlas is precisely the company needed for servicing the top end of the market and we are looking forward to Craig and his great team joining our group-network.”

Atlas, while now a proud member of Neumann Kaffee Gruppe, will continue as an independent company focused on providing personalized, specialty coffee trading services to benefit the global coffee community.