Neumann Gruppe GmbH

is the management unit of Neumann Kaffee Gruppe

Neumann Gruppe GmbH

is the management unit of Neumann Kaffee Gruppe

Board of Management

Our Board of Management oversees both the activities of Neumann Kaffee Gruppe and of Neumann Gruppe GmbH. The composition symbolizes our dedication at the top: over 100 years of accumulated coffee-experience and know-how come together here. Different specializations and backgrounds ensure that the activities of both Group and Holding are led proactively and effectively.

David M. Neumann

Group CEO

David M. Neumann

Pablo Garcia C.

Group COO

Pablo Garcia C.

Justin Schulze-Smidt

Group CFO

Justin Schulze-Smidt

Jörn Severloh

Group COO

Jörn Severloh

Philippe Cañadas

Director of Strategic Projects and Coaching Coordination

Philippe Cañadas

Ralf Lotze

Director Finances

Ralf Lotze

Neumann Gruppe GmbH coordinates the different activities of the group and manages the overall developments strategically.

Our Departments

Neumann Gruppe GmbH, the Holding company located in Hamburg, supports the work of our group companies with different services. Meet some of our colleagues and their departments in their daily work:

„It is our teams’ job to reflect the group’s every transaction in our financial statements. We record these in line with international standards, as well as doing the calculations per German generally accepted accounting principles. The product thereof are the monthly financial statements, which are used for management purposes as well as to report to our banks. We are trying to make time to share knowledge and develop best practices within our team, to better understand and service the business.“

Carsten Bolzmann

Sara Waldeck and Konrad Gürtler

„We are assisting the Board of Management. Since both of us have done our apprenticeship at Neumann Gruppe, we can now bring our knowledge about the coffee market and the group companies to bear. We support the Board of Management at every occasion and especially in the preparation of important meetings with clients, the statistical preparation of group-business-results and numbers in general. In doing so we have a lot of contact with our colleagues worldwide, which we both appreciate a lot. Often, we are under the impression that there are not just colleagues in Neumann Kaffee Gruppe – over time serious friendships have developed. Why ours is called a ‚people‘s business‘ we are witnessing every day!“

„Since 2016 I’m heading the Compliance department. Compliance is more than just sticking to the rules, it’s all about everyone’s behavior. Legal and contractual obligations are central pillars but the same goes for our own values, beliefs and internal standards such as our NKG Code of Conduct. Within the framework of ethics and compliance we set up the program ‚NKG Integrity Management‘, with which we support our colleagues in terms of their behavior. Our action-driven approach, permanent interaction and dialogue with our colleagues worldwide make our job rewarding.“

Dr. Sarah Tischer

„In January 2018 I joined NG’s Communications department. The different communication channels we have are as diverse as the colleagues and business segments of NKG. We provide each and every one of our international and national colleagues with precise and valid information in different media in different languages. Intranet, company magazine, newsletter, webpage or dedicated event: our department makes sure that employees are informed about current NKG affairs and encourages a lively exchange of opinions. We also support our group companies and colleagues in both their internal and external communication and representation. It is very rewarding to be contributing to a positive and open-minded work environment in one’s daily job!“

Britta Winkgens

Sonja König and Jeanette Kuhlmann

„We believe in business as powerful engine for sustainable development. And that’s why we’re passionately working for the Holding on our Group Sustainability Strategy. Thereby, we enjoy interacting with diverse cultures and mindsets. Our department deals with typical CR Management questions around goal setting, progress tracking and how to further enhance the fruitful interplay within and outside our group network. Success requires to stay up-to-date with the latest sustainability developments, market trends & demands in different producing and consuming countries. We truly love the variety of subjects and on-going dynamics within ‚Corporate Responsibility‘. Our job is challenging and inspiring at the same time.“

“Mostly, our team is acting quietly in the background, enabling our office-colleagues to do their work efficiently. As house-technician and janitor I don’t just change the bulbs or replace hinges in the entire building but take care of the smooth operation of all electric, heating, sanitary and other appliances. I’m also first contact for all technical external service companies. Another important field is fire-protection, fire-drills and possible evacuation. Smoke-detectors can save our lives and must be kept in full working order. My colleagues in house-keeping facilitate meetings and keep the rooms in tip-top shape.”

Manfred Drux

Philippe Cañadas

„1998 I started working for Neumann Gruppe and since 2012 I’m in NG Coaching. Our main task is the support of group companies first in their definition of business targets and then in reaching of those targets. Volatile markets such as ours pose a great challenge requiring good monitoring of the various risks. The different languages and cultures of our ‚NKG-world‘ are at times challenging but also offer great rewards.“

“While IT is normally active in the background, there are a number of important tasks and there is a lot of responsibility that our department deals with. This encompassed small jobs such as the daily technical support for users of desk- or laptops and extends all the way to large and group-wide IT projects. Our last big one for example was the NKG-wide introduction of a new office software while homogenizing e-mail addresses for each and every employee. This in combination with ‚Skype for Business‘ has facilitated communication immensely and we are a little proud of having had our share in it. And also, I’m really happy about frequent working-contacts with colleagues from the other side of the globe.”

Manfred Assmann

Maren Uzarek

„The HR department is a service provider for all employees of Neumann Gruppe GmbH and all Hamburg based NKG companies. We also take care of HR issues of NKG companies worldwide and are a specialized HR-contact for our management staff worldwide. It is both thrilling and challenging to create the different HR-processes at NKG companies as individually as possible yet also as synchronized as necessary. One of our largest projects recently has been the development of our leadership-guidelines. Having implemented these in our Hamburg based companies first, they shall now be extended to our other NKG companies. It is rewarding to see how one can support the daily work of our worldwide companies and can contribute positively to the overall culture of the group.“

„We have been working as Neumann Gruppe’s ‚Legal Eagles‘ since 1997, respectively 2016. Our tasks comprise the whole scope of juridical issues that arise in a leading international commodity trade and service group, such as, but not limited to, mergers and acquisitions around the globe, multi-national club deal finance agreements, corporate housekeeping, and parking tickets. Besides that, we usually dominate the in-house table-football scene.“

Jochen Michalak and Christina von Hobe

Tobias Franzmann

“In December 2018 I started working in NG’s Risk Control Unit. I have been here before as a working student and was offered to stay on after having obtained my Masters’ degree. Both during my internship and during my still young employment I benefit immensely from in-house experiences in the coffee business. The portfolio of activities is extremely wide and is defined by our risk-matrix containing the evaluation of risks related to liquidity, loans and markets. Pro-activity and prevention are our drivers! But next to the pure numbers-game there is always the fascinating and tangile product coffee!”

„I lead the Sustainable Business Unit. Given that more than half of the world’s coffee is produced by 12 million or so smallholder coffee farming families who struggle to meet basic needs, we have developed NKG BLOOM, our Farmer Livelihoods and Sustainable Business global initiative. BLOOM is a long-term sustainable-sourcing framework for addressing poverty in coffee communities. The way it works is through the set-up and strengthening of Farmer Services Units (FSUs) within our export companies, which provide tailor-made services to farmers such as financing and access to inputs, so that they have the tools they need to run their farms at full potential and maximize their incomes.“

Catalina Eikenberg

Christopher Nienhaus and Jan Guttenberg

„In direct reporting-line to the group’s CFO we look after all different tax issues and their constraints and pitfalls on behalf of NKG’s Germany based companies. We provide consulting and advise to the group’s other companies. We are also in the process of introducing a group-wide tax reporting tool. In doing so, we get to meet many international colleagues personally during the local trainings. These frequent international exchanges and the multitude of subjects we find to be extremely satisfying!“

“My story at Neumann Gruppe began in 2012 when I started as a trainee while studying for my Bachelor’s Degree. After my graduation, I worked for two years at the Futures Department of Bernhard Rothfos GmbH, before I started at NG’s Treasury Department in July 2018. Treasury involves much more than currency hedging, payments and bank relationship. We are the meeting-point between the worldwide companies of NKG and the financial world. Projects are also part of our daily business. For instance, we are currently working on the implementation of a new Treasury System. In November 2018, I had the chance to visit and introduce the new system to our colleagues in Mexico. It is great to work closely together with colleagues from different parts of the world and learn from each other.”

Angiella Schmellenkamp

Every process of our group is marked by a strong entrepreneurial spirit.

Coffee Plaza

Where business is a pleasure

The Coffee Plaza in Hamburg’s HafenCity – Europe’s largest and highly successful urban development project!
Located in Hamburg’s traditional coffee trading area around Sandtorkai and opposite the Magellan Terraces with its adjacent museum port, the Coffee Plaza is right where the climate is best for both business and leisure.

Home is where the heart is

Since 2010, this architectural gem is not only home to Neumann Gruppe GmbH and Neumann Kaffee Gruppe corporate headquarters: Also Bernhard Rothfos, InterAmerican Coffee and other NKG companies, Hanns R. Neumann Stiftung and some commercial tenants reside here.
While every day NKG employees enjoy the modern facilities and many other comforts, this is far from new ground for us: For many successful decades, this prime piece of real estate had been where the Kaffelagerei’s silos and facilities stood.

„Light is life“

The Coffee Plaza was designed by internationally acclaimed New York star architect Richard Meier. Here, he remained truest to his principles of clarity and lively scenery: The building’s set-up is flexible, clearly structured, innovative in every detail and abundant with light.

Coffee, culture and art

The three harmonize in the Coffee Plaza. Austrian sculptor artist Lotte Ranft has cast the one-of-a-kind giant bronze sculpture and landmark “Coffee” standing outside our building and two large-scale paintings by Karin Kneffel can be enjoyed here. But, there is a lot more still, the most prominent works of which you can find here:

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