We are committed to being a company of integrity and responsibility, which includes growing a more sustainable coffee industry. As part of our active commitment, we have created two initiatives to serve the needs of coffee growers and coffee buyers around the world.

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NKG Bloom is focused on
improving farmer livelihoods

Key aim: Safeguarding the future of green coffee supplies by ensuring that coffee farming is a financially viable business that can provide financial security to families.

  • Empowers farmers to run their businesses at full potential, through custom service packages that include training in coffee-farming and business best practices, plus access to markets, infrastructure, inputs and seedlings.
  • Provides easy access to short- and long-term financing, so farmers can invest in their farms and enter a pathway out of poverty.
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NKG Verified is focused on
meeting key sustainability criteria

Key aim: Providing traceable coffees produced on farms that comply with specific social, environmental, and economic criteria.

  • Offers customers insights into the economic, social and environmental performance of the farms producing their coffees.
  • Provides sustainability assurance through internal and third-party audits from farm to export level.
  • Aligns with industry standards and integrates easily into customers’ sustainability plans.
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Coffee Sourcing with a Purpose

What is NKG Bloom?

NKG Bloom is our initiative to ensure the future of green coffee supplies by offering smallholder farmers and farmer groups the opportunities and resources they need to run their farms at full potential, optimize their incomes for long-term success and enter pathways out of poverty.

Through dedicated teams within our export companies, NKG Bloom identifies and addresses barriers to farmer success and offers individuals and farmer groups bespoke combinations of services centered around financing.

Already changing lives in its first years of implementation, NKG Bloom’s goal is to meaningfully improve the livelihoods of 300,000 coffee-farming families across 10 countries by 2030.

Value to farmers:
  • Custom services to optimize their coffee business through access to seedlings, fertilizers, inputs, infrastructure, and trainings.
  • Accessible financing, including quick mobile financing and substantial funding for larger projects, so families can invest in long-term farm health.
  • Supporting an “inclusive sustainability” perspective so that farmers have the knowledge about practices to meet sustainable production criteria and address them effectively, to ensure a healthy and bright future of coffee.
Value to green coffee buyers:
  • An active role in supporting coffee-farming families and addressing the key issues faced by the industry.
  • The ability to take ownership of key performance metrics related to purchased coffees and share them with customers.
  • Possibility to implement special projects at origin, by building on the knowledge, networks and enthusiasm of NKG Bloom Farmer Services Units.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Farmers Services Units (FSUs) are permanent NKG Bloom teams set up within NKG export companies that elect to implement the initiative in their country. FSU members work closely with farmers and farmer groups to understand their needs and design custom services packages. These packages can include fertilizers, seedlings and access to markets, infrastructure, information, trainings and — critically and uniquely — quick and simple financing.

Financing is a core bottleneck faced by farmers, who often lack access to, or don’t qualify for, credit from banks or even microfinancers. Through a multi-year effort, NKG created a unique, risk-sharing credit solution with four lending organizations: DFC – U.S. International Development Finance Corporation, IDH: The Sustainable Trade Initiative, and European banks BNP Paribas and Rabobank. The resulting $25 million Smallholder Livelihoods Financing Facility makes it possible for farmers to quickly and easily borrow funds as needed.

NKG Bloom is open to smallholder farmers (those who farm 30 hectares or fewer) and farmer organizations (with members farming fewer than 30 hectares each). These farmers agree to collaborate with FSUs, to run their farms as businesses, and to improve on prioritized social and environmental practices.

In short, yes, to either the region or farmer organization level. An NKG Bloom mobile app is used by field staff to efficiently share services and information along the value chain.

In some NKG Bloom countries, farmer groups and field staff can also share digital payment information with farmers, access coffee delivery histories and pay farmers more quickly and accurately. The transition from paper records to mobile apps has created greater clarity into the participants in each coffee.

The same sustainability criteria apply for NKG Bloom as for NKG Verified. Findings on critical criteria lead to exclusion, unless they can be remediated immediately. Based on the findings NKG exporter companies jointly with the supply chain actors and supported by the Sustainable Business Unit develop improvement plans to selected criteria. The key to driving the improvements under NKG Bloom is to improve farmer livelihoods via services.

Until today, we have reached more than 80 000 farmers with our service offer bringing us a good step closer to our target of reaching 300 000 farmers by 2030. We have distributed over 4,000mt of fertilizer in Uganda with an advance scheme building on mobile money, supported the renovation of over 5,000ha of coffee land in Mexico, provided more than half a million seedlings with long-term financing in Honduras and worked with 12 cooperatives in Kenya to bring meaningful technical assistance to their members.
Farmers who have access to knowledge can develop their skills and learn new and innovative farming techniques that are easier and more efficient to produce better results. Only by applying the right pruning and fertilization techniques, some farmers have seen yields going up 10-fold.
In the harvest 2020/21 a baseline survey organized by idh was conducted and after the next round in 2023/24 we will be able to report progress at farm level for all Bloom countries.

The assurance model for NKG Bloom comprises different levels that cover the implementation of the whole sustainable sourcing strategy:

  • Internal audits: conducted by the staff of the NKG exporter companies annually to assess at farm level the sustainability criteria, the provision of services and farm productivity.
  • Verification on sustainability criteria: conducted by NG Compliance annually to verify data collection procedures during the internal audits.
  • Impact evaluation: organized every three years by idh – Sustainable Trade Initiative to evaluate progress made against the Theory of Change and key performance indicators.

So, how can I learn the details relevant to my coffees?

The NKG Bloom Portal is a comprehensive web portal where NKG Bloom customers can learn about the initiative’s global efforts, participating regions, farmer groups and subgroups.

At trace.nkgbloom.coffee, they can also trace each purchased coffee to the region or farmer groups that produced it, see the service offerings being utilized by those producers and view the performance indicators tied to each coffee.

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Traceable coffees and sustainability compliance, delivered.

NKG Verified offers customers traceable coffees that meet key sustainability criteria. It provides visibility into identified supply chains and their performance on key economic, social and environmental indicators — all verified by a third party. With every shipment of NKG Verified coffees, customers receive an easy-to-read sustainability report detailing each indicator and how it scored, as well as the coffee’s overall sustainability score.

NKG Verified aligns with and contributes to United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that support economic growth, address social issues and enhance environmental protection.

Value to green coffee buyers:
  • Compliance with key sustainability criteria.

  • Traceability to specific supply chains.

  • Assurances through internal NKG audits and external, third-party audits.

  • Easy integration into sustainable buying plans, plus the option to customize requirements.

NKG Verified covers the following sustainability criteria:

  • Record keeping
  • Production & Processing practices
  • Inclusion and Equity*
  • Sustainability set-up
  • Access to grievance mechanism
  • Regulatory requirements
  • Ethical conduct
  • Traceability
  • Pricing
  • Services
  • GMO
  • Farm mapping
  • Flora and Fauna
  • Soil conservation
  • Pesticide Use
  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Water sources and use
  • Water pollution
  • Energy use*
  • Waste management
  • Hazardous waste
  • Climate change*
  • No discrimination
  • No harassment
  • Freedom of association
  • Collective bargaining
  • Minimum wage
  • Working hours
  • Labor contracts
  • Adequate housing
  • Drinking water
  • Access to facilities
  • Occupational Health and safety
  • Continuous improvement
  • No worst forms of child labor
  • No child labor
  • School attendance
  • No forced labor
  • Forests and ecosystems
  • Prohibited pesticides

* Will be assessed after 2022 – check verification guidance

The sustainability criteria are developed following the Coffee Sustainability Reference Code. The Sustainable Business Unit at Neumann Group is responsible to keep the criteria up to date, to identify challenges and make it practical for implementation with the feedback from our group companies and its coffee suppliers.

According to our 2nd party assurance model, the NKG Verified criteria are assessed in annual internal audits for a sample of the entities that formed the supply chain. The internal audits are conducted by the staff of NKG export companies. Findings on critical criteria lead to exclusion, unless they can be remediated within 60 days. Based on the findings, NKG exporter companies jointly with the supply chain actors and supported by the Sustainable Business Unit develop improvement plans. Every three-years independent third-party auditors evaluate performance from farm to export level. If the audit decision is positive, NKG Verified coffees from the respective chains can be offered.

Click here for the NKG Verified Claims Policy.

NKG Bloom and NKG Verified coffees

are available through our NKG importers worldwide

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Neumann Kaffee Gruppe Responsible Business Program

Defining sustainability — and success.

Responsible conduct and sustainability have always been integral to our work at Neumann Kaffee Gruppe, as coffee connects people, communities and their natural environments all over the globe. Their health and wellbeing are fundamental for our long-term success. In 2020, the NKG Board of Management initiated the creation of a Responsible Business Program, in order to more intentionally define NKG’s objectives in these areas, as well as its commitments to meeting them.

Ultimately, a cooperative effort between the Board and colleagues in departments across NKG identified four focus areas, along with nine supporting strategic sub-objectives.

NKG Bloom addresses focus area 3, “Producers”, and contributes to Objective 6: “Improve farmer livelihoods through value-added services.”

NKG Verified addresses focus area 2, “Supply chains”, as well as Objective 4: “Enhance sustainability performance within our supply chains.”

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