SKN Caribecafé recognized as one of the top companies in Colombia committed to environmental sustainability

August 26, 2021

SKN Caribecafé, exporting company of Neumann Kaffee Gruppe (NKG) in Colombia, is part of a group of 100 organizations leading the attempts towards environmental protection and the transition towards a reduction of carbon emissions in Colombia. Together with the Colombian Ministry of Environment, SKN committed themselves to the reduction of carbon emissions on farm level.

Facing climate change and environmental challenges that coffee producers around the world are experiencing, SKN Caribecafé has strengthened its efforts to support coffee growers on farm level and thus ensure a sustainable future for the exceptional Colombian coffees.

The reduction of carbon emissions in the production model is an important part of NKG’s strategy to help coffee-growing communities to be more resilient and to implement climate-smart agricultural practices. To accompany and back up producers in this effort, SKN and the Colombian Ministry of Environment published an agreement to work together towards a coffee production model with reduced emissions of carbon at the farm level.

With this agreement, producers and staff from SKN receive technical assistance and guidance from the Ministry of Environment. They learn how to calculate the carbon emissions in the production model and how to change the practices on farm level with the aim to produce coffee with reduced carbon emissions. This agreement also represents the commitment of NKG in Colombia to environmental sustainability and the sustainable economic growth of the country.

As part of the signature of the agreement, the Ministry of Environment presented SKN in a virtual ceremony as one of the top 100 companies in the country, which are leading in environmental protection and changes for reduced carbon emissions. These companies will contribute to the national goals to fulfill the Paris Agreement. In the ceremony, the Colombian Minister of Environment Carlos Eduardo Correa highlighted that “this club of the top 100 companies that are part of the National Carbon Neutral Program is contributing to the sustainable economic development of the country and to the goals of Colombia to be carbon neutral by 2050.”