Strengthening the bonds between US-based companies of Neumann Kaffee Gruppe

April 25, 2019

At this years’ Specialty Coffee Expo in Boston, USA, Neumann Kaffee Gruppe (NKG) was represented by a “backyard family reunion” themed booth, emphasizing the bonds between its 49 worldwide companies. Presented at North America’s largest coffee trade show, the booth was a joint effort between NKG specialty coffee companies InterAmerican Coffee and Atlas Coffee Importers, the most recent addition to NKG. It was the first public collaboration between the two specialty importers, celebrating their connection within NKG.

“Sharing the booth inspired a lot of great conversations with clients about the way NKG companies collaborate with each other,” said Craig Holt, founder of Atlas Coffee Importers. Florian Benkhofer, CEO of InterAmerican Coffee, added: “We benefit from the resources, relationships and expertise of our sister companies, and we can both extend these benefits to our customers.”

Atlas is headquartered in Seattle and has Midwest and East Coast sales representatives, while InterAmerican has offices in San Diego, Houston, Providence and New York. David M. Neumann, managing partner of NKG, added: “Our mission in specialty coffees is to grow organically in business, defend diversity and make even better use of our unparalleled quality knowhow and network.”

New headquarters for InterAmerican Coffee USA, Rothfos Corporation

This summer, toward the aim of encouraging stronger collaborations between NKG companies, InterAmerican and Rothfos Corporation—the largest green coffee importer in North America—will together open a new headquarters in Hoboken, N.J., across the Hudson River from lower Manhattan. While they focus on different types of coffees for different types of customers, the companies will for the first time share back-office functions, such as accounting, human resources and logistics. But more importantly, the change will open new lines of communication and information, as well as new synergies and possibilities, with which each company will better serve its respective customers and suppliers.

“Enabling NKG companies to more meaningfully complement each other is a resourceful way to do business. Our strong network has marked the success of NKG so far and will be the driving force of our future business,” emphasized David M. Neumann.