Meet the Neumann Kaffee Gruppe USA Companies

Neumann Kaffee Gruppe (NKG) is the world’s leading green coffee services group, consisting of more than 60 companies across 27 countries and including more than 3,200 colleagues working within exporters, importers, farms, mills and services.

NKG’s three U.S. import companies are Atlas Coffee Importers, InterAmerican Coffee and Rothfos Corporation. These sister companies have much in common, including experienced teams, the shared NKG values of integrity and professionalism, a passion for pairing roasters with exactly the right coffees and a focus on quality. Between them, their teams include 16 Q Arabica Graders.

In addition to their shared strengths, each importer also has its own areas of focus and expertise:

Rothfos Corporation

Rothfos Corporation is the top supplier of commercial coffees to roasters across North America. Founded in 1991, it has more than three decades of experiences and is valued by the industry for its financial solutions, forward-looking analysis and comprehensive market knowledge.

  • Leading North American importer of commercial coffees, including instant and decaf.
  • Inventory located by customer preference.
  • Unmatched resources for sustainable sourcing and traceable coffees.
  • Focus on robust Futures and market knowledge.

InterAmerican Coffee

InterAmerican’s Trading, QC and Customer Service teams are exuberant facilitators, problem solvers and quality experts. InterAmerican’s foundations are in Organic coffees, which has helped to shape its support for socially minded, farmer-focused projects. Today, its teams are well-versed in all areas, qualities and certifications, including cooperative-specific coffees from decades-strong relationships.

  • Full range of quantities, qualities, certifications and grades.
  • Spot inventory in WA/NJ/TX,LA/CA and other locations by request for FCL.
  • Quality-minded Trade desk, dominated by Q Arabica Graders.
  • Focus on outstanding customer service for wide variety of customers.

Atlas Coffee Importers

Atlas carefully cultivates relationships between roasters and producers. It has invested in quality development in both classic and emerging coffee origins, and it has a long track record of creating access to specialty markets where they didn’t previously exist. Atlas supports organizations and programs that increase equity and access across the entire supply chain and offers outstanding educational programming, including CQI and SCA courses, in its well-regarded lab in Seattle.

  • A curated offering list of quantities and certifications, primarily in Washington and New Jersey.
  • Focus on equity in supply chains.
  • Strong Education program and a certified lab.

All three companies share internal services (including Human Resources, IT and Logistics) through the Neumann Gruppe U.S. (NGUS) holding company, which grows cost efficiencies and communication channels that further benefit customers. Finally, and proudly, all three offer the coffees and services of global NKG companies — including coffees from the NKG Bloom and NKG Verified sourcing initiatives.