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Neumann Kaffee Gruppe is firmly committed to a growing and sustainable coffee economy. 

We are convinced that a business can only be viable in the long-term if all participants in the value-chain can make a sustainable living off the fruits of their labor.

In our role as intermediary we stand for a balance between the sometimes different interests and possibilities of producers and consumers. For this reason all our group companies are proactive partners in their local communities and committed to a sustainable coffee economy. Cooperation goes well beyond purely commercial relationships and contributes significantly to improving the livelihoods of farmers and their families in coffee-producing countries.

In 2001 NKG established the initiative International Coffee Partners (ICP) together with Europe's leading coffee roasters to promote sustainability in the coffee sector. ICP's mission is to develop, run and scale up best practice projects in partnership with smallholder farmers worldwide.

kreisdiagramm2.jpgIn 2005, Michael R. Neumann and his family established the independent and non-for-profit foundation Hanns R. Neumann Stiftung (HRNS).

This organisation

• promotes a more sustainable coffee economy by entertaining coffee-based development projects under "Partnership for Sustainability"

• helps to preserve natural resources by offering state-of the-art sustainable farming education

• supports environmental protection, conservation projects and education amongst younger people
• seeks to improve social conditions in coffee producing countries through projects in cooperation with international and national organizations.

In 2009, Neumann Gruppe GmbH has signed an important strategic Sponsoring Agreement with HRNS to ensure the long-term success of this agenda. This strategic partnership solidifies NKG's long term positioning in the important field of a Sustainable Coffee Economy. By the same token, the pre-competitive work of HRNS will continue unabated and open to all stakeholders in the coffee value chain.