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Coffee continues to be the favorite drink among Germans: At around 150 liters per person a year, coffee is the most-consumed beverage in Germany, even ahead of water and beer. Its commercial relevance is correspondingly high: green coffee is one of the world's most traded commodities.

The development in global coffee consumption is impressive: while it was just 600,000 bags in 1750, consumption rose over the next 200 years to 36 million bags and ultimately, just fifty years later, came to 104 million bags in 2000. Today, 150 million bags are produced annually in over 80 countries, and each year more and more people around the globe want to drink coffee. Green coffee is stored at every major port; the price is governed via the global coffee trading exchanges, primarily in New York and London.

Also, the high socio-economic significance of coffee is an essential factor: Coffee ensures the livelihoods of around 25 million small-holder farmers worldwide. Over 100 million people work in its production and processing. On the consumer side, coffee's significance is even more visible with 2.5 billion cups of coffee being consumed every day, whether black, sweet, strong, frothy or with syrup: Coffee can be enjoyed in many ways.

With 46 companies in 28 countries, NKG is present in all key markets and offers a wealth of high-quality services and products as part of the coffee value chain. Decades of experience in our fields of business have enabled us to become the global market leader - a position that we have retained and constantly built on for over 25 years. We are a reliable, straight-forward and transparent partner for coffee producers and roasters - both large and small - and balance their various needs and interests.

Around the world, we employ over 2,000 highly qualified specialists and are thus able to fulfill the diverse wishes and expectations of our customers.
United through our enthusiasm for the luxury food that coffee is, we use our energy and inspiration to carry the message of coffee enjoyment around the world through the trade and distribution of commercial coffee, specialty coffee, sustainably certified coffee and industrialized products. Further strategic areas are coffee production on the Group's own farms, farm management, preparation, export, import, logistics, stock-keeping and quality control.

In order to fulfill ever more complex tasks, we encourage a continuous exchange of viewpoints, use various perspectives that we gain from our wealth of nationalities and cultures, learn with and from each other, and thus create opportunities for professional and personal development.

We are looking for people who share our enthusiasm and want to use their dedication to assist us in our mission.
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