SKN Caribecafé

Marta Cortés

Hever Montealegre
Family farmer from Colombia

Where do you come from and what does coffee mean to you?

My name is Hever Montealegre, I am a coffee farmer from the village of ‘La vereda Vueltas’ above Gigante. For me, cultivating coffee is my most important undertaking. I do it because that’s how I’ve been raised – working purely within coffee in this region. It drives me, because it’s an enterprise that sustains me and my family.

How did you become a coffee farmer?

My parents were coffee farmers, they came from here and I followed their footsteps. Coffee inspires me – more and more every day.

How did you hear about SKN Caribecafe’s sustainability program?

I heard first about the program from my neighbours. Later on, from SKN Caribecafé’s agronomists while visiting the village. I thought  it  could be a good way to carry on learning more and to continue improving my coffee growing.

What has been the biggest change for you as a result of the program?

It was learning how to plant coffee well: Not using too large areas but growing it in smaller areas, with the coffee trees efficiently  planted.

As a result of the program, my coffee quality keeps on improving day after day, as well as my farm’s sustainability.