When trainees become coffee experts

My name is Mirja and I am an apprentice at Neumann Gruppe. In this feature I will tell you, how my co-trainees (you can see one of them on the picture above) and I experience our apprenticeship in a whole new way preparing lectures about coffee origin [...]

When trainees become coffee experts2020-07-13T16:43:15+02:00

Looking for future colleagues

My name is Charlotta (2nd from right) and I am a trainee at Neumann Kaffee Gruppe. Like most of my friends, I finished my A-Levels without knowing which job to choose. Finally, I found Neumann Kaffee Gruppe which wasn't very well known, even to a passionate coffee [...]

Looking for future colleagues2020-07-13T16:45:46+02:00

Meet our “Musterzimmer”

My name is Henry and I am a trainee at NKG. See in my short video-clip, why our big import-house Bernhard Rothfos has a sample-room and what type of work is done there. And if you wanted to learn German anyhow, this is a good start ;-)! [...]

Meet our “Musterzimmer”2020-07-13T16:46:53+02:00

My adventures in Kenia

As part of a trainee lecture series, we were asked to give a lecture on the countries that coffee is sourced from. With this in mind, we divided ourselves into groups of two or three and prepared presentations. Through our own research with the companies in the [...]

My adventures in Kenia2020-07-13T16:52:28+02:00
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