When trainees become coffee experts

My intern story • June 25, 2019 My name is Mirja and I am an apprentice at Neumann Gruppe since August last year. In this feature I will tell you, how my co-trainees (you can see one of them on the picture above) and I experience [...]

When trainees become coffee experts2019-07-04T15:43:25+02:00

Looking for future colleagues

My intern story • March 8, 2019 My name is Charlotta (2nd from right) and I am a trainee at Neumann Kaffee Gruppe for two years now. Like most of my friends, I finished my A-Levels without knowing which job to choose. Finally, I found Neumann [...]

Looking for future colleagues2019-03-08T16:18:10+01:00

Meet our „Musterzimmer“

My intern story • February 1, 2019 My name is Henry and I am a trainee at NKG. See in my short video-clip, why our big import-house Bernhard Rothfos has a sample-room and what type of work is done there. And if you wanted to learn German [...]

Meet our „Musterzimmer“2019-10-29T18:28:57+01:00

My adventures in Kenia

My intern story • January 12, 2019 In the spring of 2018, as part of the trainee lecture series, us trainees were also asked to give a lecture on the countries that coffee is sourced from. With this in mind, we divided ourselves into groups of [...]

My adventures in Kenia2019-03-18T16:29:37+01:00