NKG Stockler

Marta Cortés

Marcos Miaki
Family farmer from Brazil

Hello Marcos, where do you come from and what does coffee mean to you ?

My name is Marcos Cesar Miaki. I was born in Paraná and I’m a coffee farmer in Patrocínio, Minas Gerais.

Well, coffee for me is my life. I grew up on coffee farms and I´ve always lived on coffee farms with my father when he was still alive. Even after my father left, we continue in coffee production. So my life has always been linked to coffee.

For how long have you been a producer?

I´ve been dealing with coffee since 1987. I was 16 years old when I finished school, stopped studying and went to work within coffee. That means that I’ve been working from the young age of 16 till being 47years old today. Thus, I think that coffee worked out very well for me.

How did you first hear about NKG Stockler’s sustainability initiative?

Well, that was back in 2011. They came to offer me some help with certifying my farms. I remember that back then, I was a bit suspicious, but soon I noticed that there really were some things that had to change in our properties, both in environmental and the social terms. I was in need to organize my farms better. So, after a while of assimilating the idea, I started to believe in it. Today, I still think it has been worth it to establish  cooperation with NKG Stockler.

What do you like most about this partnership with NKG Stockler?

Since 2011, every advice and the support that they gave us to help us in achieving and maintaining certification has simply been working. Thus, I think this partnership has been very worthwhile.
When looking back at where the farms were and  comparing it to where we are now, I think that besides growing economically, we gained a lot of personal growth as well. Today, we look at the farms with more pleasure and more confidence. Our partnership has changed things for the better.