NKG India Coffee

Marta Cortés

Pradeep Rebello
Family farmer from India

Hello, I am Pradeep Rebello. I am from India. I have been a coffee planter for the last 27 years now. My passion is agriculture, I love to grow agricultural products with new technologies.

How did you first hear about the sustainability initiative?

My brother used to sell coffee to NKG. One day, they approached us with their program about sustainability. We soon got into it.

How do you feel about partnering with NKG in this  program?

NKG is a big support to us. Throughout these years, they have been guiding us under their program and also with pricing. In each and every detail they have been giving us good information on how to continue improving sustainability under this program.

What has been the biggest change for you as a result of the program?

What I have seen is that documentation is key for improvements. We used to do these sustainability programs earlier too. But now we have more clarity. They have been teaching us a lot of things, especially on labour management, chemical usage, wildlife and eco-friendly production. This has helped us to continue with our work better than we used to do it.

Would you like to get further support of NKG?

Of course, very much! NKG has always been a good support to us and we will allow them to continue guiding us in our work.