8In a complex accelerating and ever changing world continuity is an immeasurable asset NG NKG and its shareholders know that continuity and computability combined with a will to constantly learn and create represent the only way to achieve loyalty We want to be loyal partners to those we do business with to those we employ and their families and to those whose lives we affect This is a multi dimensional understanding of partnership because it includes concepts of ownership management and relationship We have always held these values Having them as a basis of the way we conduct ourselves and our business and just as importantly sharing them has enabled our growth and our decentralized organization In addition to delegation a multi generational approach and financial solidity they ensure our Group s perpetuity All of this would not be possible without patience and time We do not look for the short term gain but the long term mutually beneficial relationship this is what NKG is all about What has changed is that today the world expects these values and guiding basics to be manifest quotable and documented In recent years our business environment has become more complex it seems that this trend is accelerating Because of shifting and increasing requirements from parts of the roasting indus try we have had to become less risk adverse and accept higher exposures Market volatility has become standard and not all competitors abide by what was once a set of unwritten rules that were valued across the board The global trends toward sustainability and traceability are rapidly becoming industry standards in more and more countries As responsible business people we appreciate and respect every serious effort in this direction even though what they have in common is the fact that they make our activities more complex Some examples include integrated supply chains single entry points into what is factually a multi layer business the acceleration of business communication beyond reason and the boundless price sensitivity of some categories of consumers and our customers These developments are challenges and we see superb opportunities in them but they are also game changers

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