401 02 03 Page 06 09 Page 10 15 Page 16 33 Message from David M Neumann Upholding the NKG Code of Conduct 11 What is the NKG Code of Conduct 12 Who has to follow the NKG Code of Conduct 13 What can I do if I learn about or suspect misconduct 14 What does the NKG Code of Conduct require from managers The NKG Code of Conduct Our Commitments 17 PROTECTING BASIC RIGHTS 18 Respecting the law 18 Providing equal opportunities 18 No child labor No forced labor 19 No harassment 19 Freedom of association and collective bargain 20 FOSTERING A POSITIVE WORKING ENVIRONMENT 21 Fair basic employment conditions Humane hours of work vacation regulations Adequate compensation 21 Physical and mental well being Ensuring workplace health safety 22 Communication cooperation 22 Praise recognition 22 Issues with a superior 23 SUPPORTING CONTINUING EDUCATION 24 Facilitating development and training 24 Diversity multifaceted ambitious and international OUR COMMITMENTS

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