30 Gifts and hospitality Business courtesies such as gifts and hospitality given to or received from custo mers suppliers and other business partners are commonly used to build goodwill and acknowledge appreciation in business relationships However these gestu res of politeness must reflect a valid courtesy of business and may not directly encourage any business decisions Thus we should only accept gifts of a symbolic value which may be seen as an expression of cordiality The acceptance of a gift must never place the employee in a position which makes them beholden to the donor while acting in their capacity as business partner or seeking to become one If so we should politely but firmly refuse any gift when it appears inappro pri ate unless it is impolite to refuse it given local customs In any case its acceptance must not oblige us to give anything in return In particular cases and if uncertain about how to react please contact your immediate superior or the Corporate Responsibility or Compliance departments I am working for NKG as an exporter The other day I found myself in a difficult situation A customer that normally buys through my sister import com pany requested me to do direct business with him What would be the right thing to do NKG s profit center structure which constitutes a core strength of our Group implies that each company and therefore employee is primarily responsible for the success of that Group company At the same time we have established the right of first refusal at arm s length conditions when doing business with each other Oftentimes what looks good in the short term is not in the best interest of NKG in the long run When in doubt consult with your superior or Coaching in Hamburg Preventing corruption

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