29 THE NKG CODE OF CONDUCT OUR COMMITMENTS To what extent does my employment at NKG influence my personal surroundings Political and religious activities NKG respects its employees right to participate as individuals in the political process and in religious activities as long as they make sure that in doing so they do not represent the company or break the law Please avoid all use of company resources including company time phones paper e mail and use of our logos to carry out or support personal political and religious activities Social media Using social media is a popular mode of expression When using social media employees must make it clear that they are expressing their own personal views and not acting as an employee of NKG Managing conflicts of interest As part of our efforts to protect NKG s reputation we must ensure that our interactions with third parties are appropriate We also must make sure that we can make sound fair loyal and competitive business decisions on NKG s behalf As such we must avoid both actual and apparent conflicts of interest If we cannot avoid a conflict of interest we must make it known to our superior Professional conflicts of interest might also occur When this happens and business cannot be safeguarded we put affiliated companies first What happens if I see my colleague express personal views in the name of the company on Facebook or other social media platforms If you see your colleague express personal views in the name of the company you should raise this issue with your colleague first as they may not have realized that their actions could be against NKG s interests If necessary you may decide to discuss it with your manager or the Corpo rate Responsibility or Compliance departments Social media Social media essentially is a cate gory of online media where people are talking participating sharing networking and bookmarking online Social media technologies take on many different forms including magazines internet forums weblogs social blogs micro blogging wikis social networks podcasts photo graphs or pictures video rating and social bookmarking What is a conflict of interest A conflict of interest arises when our personal and professional interests interfere with our ability to perform our job in the Group s best interest For instance a conflict occurs when we or a family member have a per sonal stake in any customer supplier partner or competitor of NKG A conflict of interest may also arise between sister companies Dealing with Conflicts of Interest

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