27 THE NKG CODE OF CONDUCT OUR COMMITMENTS Management of records Our shareholders business partners and government regulators rely on accurate and correct detailed information to be contained in our business records We have a responsibility to ensure that the information we provide is on schedule precise complete fair and understandable Financial statements should give a true and fair presentation of a given situation and moment and therefore must not be false or misleading in any material respect Audits and investigations We have to familiarize ourselves with how to deal with requests for information from third parties warranted or not When asked we are expected to cooperate with investigations conducted by legitimate authorities Any visit or query from a public official that relates to an investigation or inquiry must be coordinated with management beforehand Responsible use of internet and electronic communications Electronic communication technology plays a vital role in how we conduct our business Therefore access to the internet and use of the intranet system e mail telephones fax machines and mobile devices are important NKG employees are expected to use technology in a responsible cost conscious and work related manner consistent with the NKG Code of Conduct and other applicable company policies It may only be used for private purposes as long as it does not interfere with NKG business duties and applicable national law or conventions Are interested media representatives allowed to film or photograph on location Inquiries from film or TV teams have to be dealt with cautiously We strongly advise you not to react spontaneously to such inquiries as it is always important to clarify what exactly the editor is planning or intending and in which context To be precise Who is the interested third party What broadcasting company and what program is the inquiry for What is the main topic of the program What scenes are planned Do they wish to interview individual people What questions are planned In some cases the interested media representative does not fully declare her or his intentions Therefore film inquiries should generally be made in written form and then be forwar ded to Corporate Communications in Hamburg for approval In any and all cases your management needs to be informed How should we deal with press inquiries In case of media inquiries that go beyond the area of responsibility of the individual Group company Corporate Communications in Hamburg should generally be involved to discuss next steps Inquiries that deal exclusively with local conditions and that are not of a sensitive or Group relevant nature can be answered by individual com panies under the guidance of Ope rative Management In these cases we ask you to inform Corporate Com munications about form and content and send us a digital version of the publication Employees of Group companies should always refer press inquiries to their management Please note In interviews you are not speaking as a private person but on behalf of your company Any statement can have consequences that you might not be aware of or intend during the interview Some interviewers have a hidden agenda Whenever you are in doubt please don t hesitate to contact your com pany s management your Coach and or Corporate Communications in Hamburg

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