26 Company assets and intellectual property The property entrusted to us is to be treated in a professional manner and in furtherance of NKG business goals Access to confidential and proprietary information is to be handled individu ally on a need to know basis Be sure to utilize all appropriate security measures when handling such information so that such information is only disclosed to authorized colleagues or third parties who need it for justifiable business or legal purposes Moreover we will not pass on trade secrets or other sensitive information to third parties either during or after employment When sharing company infor mation with others we ensure appropriate measures are in place to protect our company s interests We use NKG s computers data and telecommunication resources in a safe ethical lawful productive and cost conscious manner The usage of these resour ces must not interfere with NKG business duties NKG Group companies may have individual usage rules in place in accordance with local laws and habits Data protection Due to increasing networking of information and communication systems the protection of colleagues and shareholders is a significant concern of all Group companies worldwide NKG considers it important to protect employees data privacy This is not only a legal duty but it is also a crucial part of upholding the Group s values and acting with integrity No one should access handle or transmit prospective current or former co worker records without proper authorization We are expected to maintain and destroy Group documents in accordance with the records retention schedules and procedures put in place within our operative companies Please consult your company s responsible officer with any questions as to how long you should retain a document and how to destroy it properly Protecting third party assets In the course of doing business with NKG our customers suppliers and other partners may entrust the Group with confidential and proprietary information To be a trustworthy business partner we must handle third party information with the same care we use with NKG information not disclosing it to any unauthorized persons under any circumstances Also we must respect the valid intellectual property rights of third parties We must not infringe on the intellectual property rights of others including violating copyrights or downloading data or software without the permission of the respective owner What are inappropriate causes when using the internet Inappropriate causes are cases which infringe data privacy law personal privacy law copyrights or criminal law ordinances exhibit contents that are coun terproductive or harmful to our company or contribute to the propagation of ideological political or commer cial matters e g advertising In addition downloading large network straining data sets e g music and movie downloads and software is prohibited May we give the names of customers producers or colleagues to interested media representatives No In general we do not hand out the names of customers producers and colleagues This is not only in our own interest but also in the interest of our business partners Of course there are exceptions For instance when we want to present a coffee farm with model character or a particular company has explicitly given us their approval Your reaction to media inquiries should always be coordinated with local management or the Corporate Communications department in Hamburg

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