24 Facilitating development and training Ensuring the long term success of our Group means adequate investment in human resources NKG facilitates trainee programs for newcomers to quickly familiarize them selves with NKG In Hamburg and elsewhere we continue to advocate training under the excellent tried and true German models for apprenticeships and other concepts In addition to this we strongly encourage long term employees to share their experiences with newcomers In a dynamic competitive surrounding it is important to be able to attract the best professionals from the outside At the same time we believe that it is essential to invest in long term professional relationships We therefore offer in house education programs to further develop our human capital throughout NKG Also we consider it important to support our employees in their professio nal development by expanding their skills knowledge and viewpoints With that said NKG companies provide learning and training possibilities as well as avenues where new ideas can be put into practice Our global presence also offers a great range of career opportunities encouraging staff to reach their career goals This not only makes work life more satisfying it also motivates people to achieve their best work which in turn will help to achieve the company s goals We will continue to invest resources in professional development and training Diversity multifaceted ambitious and international The world of coffee offers endless exciting tasks that we carry out with enthusi asm We are present and conduct business all around the world which we see as a privilege Having colleagues in 28 countries creates a melting pot a bountiful diversity of nationalities and cultures which makes us unique and allows us to expand our personal and professional perspectives We therefore encourage those willing to spend a significant amount of time in a foreign country to do so Obviously this needs to be in both parties mutual interest and within the range of our possibilities

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