22 Communication Cooperation Constructive communication opens all kinds of possibilities Within our global NKG network cooperation and communication are key to our success Both are fundamental for our Group to function successfully as a global team We cultivate an environment of communication and cooperation and an open interchange of compelling ideas Only by sharing and honoring talent knowledge and ideas is NKG able maintain and further expand its competitive edge and leadership Praise recognition We want praise and recognition to be part of our culture At NKG there is no doubt in our minds that it is critical for the success of an organization to have a dedicated workforce Employees need to know what it takes to be successful so that they can adequately contribute In short Motivated and informed employees want to help their company succeed and to be part of that success We understand that praise and appreciation are essential to an outstanding workplace Being appreciated is a fundamental human need those who perform well must be recognized Annual employee appraisal is important to NKG because each individual should know how to make a relevant contribution through their work to the overall performance of their company and thus the Group At the same time the appraisal allows us to align expectations and avoid misunderstandings early on Leaders must ensure that they know how to acknowledge good work This can of course vary within different cultural contexts Not only are we committed to conducting these appraisals we are also willing to communicate and teach techniques and methods when needed and desired Issues with a superior In case of a problem with your superior we suggest that you attempt to address this directly as she or he might not be aware of the situation and should be willing to find a solution Should direct dialogue not be viable for whatever reason please follow the procedure described on page 13 What can I do if I learn about or suspect misconduct Teamwork Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision directing individual accomplish ments toward organizational objec tives Effective teamwork requires relationship building respect and sharing Employee recognition Employee recognition is the timely informal or formal immaterial acknowledgement of a person s or team s behavior effort or business result that supports the organiza tion s goals and values

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