14 As always all topics and issues can also be raised with your company s Coach at NG or any member of the NG Board of Management For contact information please see the contact lists made available within the Group and NKG net Please understand that concerns raised anonymously cannot normally be investigated within this system What does the NKG Code of Conduct require from managers Without a doubt NKG management the world over consists of people who follow the highest professional principled standards in their duties They must set a clear and practical example by living and promoting our ethical business standards That is to say managers are expected to effectively communicate and to make the Commitment s guidelines available They will provi de training education and resources to support employees in complying with the Code and underlying policies that impact their jobs In addition they should be prepared to answer questions about the NKG Code of Conduct They must create and maintain a working atmosphere in which employees feel encouraged to bring forth questions or concerns NG s Corporate Responsibility Compliance departments are dedicated to supporting and sustaining an ethical and compliant working environment in col laboration with NG s management and in close coordination with the responsible Coaches Managers will be provided with the support needed to fulfill our common responsibility to live up to the standards described in the NKG Code of Conduct Non Retaliation The NG Board of Management will not tolerate retaliation against employees that report bona fide noncompliant behavior and or assist investigations of suspected viola tions of the NKG Code of Conduct Bona fide means the submission of a concern in good faith without consideration of personal benefits and with plausible reason to believe it to be true

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