12 Who has to follow the NKG Code of Conduct Our NKG Code of Conduct applies to everyone at NKG employees directors shareholders and members of the supervisory board We should all be committed to accepting the standards as guidance for our professional conduct by the ethical standards that it describes In addition management must take responsibility for supporting and developing the principles set out in the NKG Code of Conduct throughout the Group in their own operations and fields of direct responsibility Besides adhering to the NKG Code of Conduct we must take seriously our responsibilities to each other our suppliers communities customers and other business partners NKG endeavors to create value for the stakeholders that have put their trust in us In order to do so it is crucial that we familiarize ourselves with the policies and procedures that apply to our work and define our goals in this area We owe it to our stakeholders and ourselves to adhere to the highest professional standards The NKG Code of Conduct reflects the increasing demand for formalized standards of compliance and ethics Its principal intent is to provide guidelines for all within NKG in their individual business environments as well as to provide guidance and understanding of our values and standards for a variety of third parties We expect our business partners to respect and apply similar values in their relationships with us At the same time we recognize that many

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