New Guinea Highlands Coffee Exports

Marta Cortés

Papcy Kanipa
Family farmer from Papua New Guinea

Where do you come from and what does coffee mean to you?

I’m Papcy Kanipa, representative  of Korofeigu Coffee Co-operative located in the Unggai Bena District in the Eastern Highland Province of Papua New Guinea.

Coffee means everything to me: Here, it is the only major cash crop. My entire life relies on this tree.

The highlands region of Papua New Guinea is known for coffee growing. I am fortunate to cultivate coffee since always. My family started to grow coffee 120 years ago. The farm was passed to me by my parents. They told me that the coffee tree is a very unique and special tree, which is called “tree of life”.

How did you first hear about the sustainability initiative? Why did you join the initiative?

I have heard of sustainability services provided by NGHCE, which support coffee farmers in coffee certification services. I joined that initiative, because I saw the need for us to become more productive and sustainable to optimize our income.

How do you feel about the cooperation with NKG? What did you learn so far?

My general feeling is that I am recognized by the NKG Group and that the clients outside pay for the quality coffee that we produce at Korofeigu Coffee Co-operative. Through this initiative, I learned many good things about coffee production, including quality, documentation & traceability and marketing.

What is the biggest change for you as a result of the program?

As a result of the program, I have seen some real benefits – such as access to better education,  to a better health service and in general my living standard has improved. These changes come when we receive a premium price linked to the certified & quality coffee that we produce and supply.