Neumann Gruppe Vietnam

Marta Cortés

Truong Van Han
Family farmer from Vietnam

Why do you want to be a coffee farmer and not something else?

Because my family has a long tradition within coffee. In Tay Nguyen, coffee is the dominant crop. It is better suited to climate and soil conditions and also less risk prone to pests than other crops are.

How did you first hear about the sustainability initiative?  What did you learn so far?

I learned about the sustainable coffee program from NG Vietnam directly. It‘s a program to produce coffee as a safe and long-lasting product. It focuses on improving different aspects of sustainability :

For example, I learned how to do    diary recording in order to calculate investment costs and profits. I know now that my coffee quality gets better when I harvest ripe fruits. They taught me about drying and preserving quality.

I also learned about the protection of workers’ interests, also about the interests of children and women who are linked to coffee.

Planting shade trees is important to prevent erosion. I know now how to safeguard the ecological environment. Also, protecting water resources by reducing the use of pesticides and toxic substances is important.

Why do you continue participating in the program?

Because the program has brought me many benefits such as improved farming techniques, better access to market price information and more awareness for the use & reuse of pesticide bottle packaging.