My name is Charlotta (2nd from right) and I am a trainee at Neumann Kaffee Gruppe. Like most of my friends, I finished my A-Levels without knowing which job to choose.

Finally, I found Neumann Kaffee Gruppe which wasn’t very well known, even to a passionate coffee consumer like me. We decided to change that and since February 2019 we exhibit on a recruitment fair in Hamburg called “Einstieg”. The target group of the fair are teenagers and students of the age of 16 and older.

Together with “ambassadors” of our group companies Bernhard Rothfos GmbH, InterAmerican Coffee GmbH and NKG Kala Hamburg GmbH, other trainees and I had the chance to present the Neumann Kaffee Gruppe to interested visitors. We had a lot of fun describing and displaying our role as a distributer in the global coffee market. Many thanks to all of you who came to visit us and asked so many interesting questions! We put a lot of effort in sharing our coffee know-how with interested young people.

Anyway – I can truly recommend the recruitment fair to everyone who is still uncertain about what to do after finishing school. During the exhibition I had the feeling of helping others to find a suitable job, which was a great experience for me. Why don’t you come to visit and meet us next year? We will keep you informed about it! Until then enjoy your cup of coffee!