Ibero Uganda

Marta Cortés

Benedict Zawula
Family farmer from Uganda

What do you think about coffee?

To me, coffee is a wonderful cash crop. It creates a good income for my family. If one wishes to invest in agriculture; I’d recommend to invest in coffee. It has helped me to pay school fees for my five children. And they have all completed university.

What do you think of the services Ibero Uganda offers to you?

Ibero Uganda has given us and is giving us good services. They have come to assist us with fertilizer, trainings and cash advances. In the past, for farmers all of that has been difficult to access, which has been hindering farmers – me – to get more profits from my coffee.

What do you like most about NKG BLOOM?

The fertilizer they are giving to us is of good quality – compared to the other fertilizer in the market. Ibero Uganda gives us fertilizer on credit – on long-term payment. And we pay back in coffee. They distribute fertilizer in the beginning of the rain seasons. The fertilizers come in time. We pay back with the money after we have sold the coffee. So, that’s a really good service Ibero Uganda is providing to me.

And what about the mobile money?

I’ve done that. Ibero is giving us also advances on mobile money. We can get money at the time we need it. Any time, any place we will get that money from Ibero through mobile money- that’s also a very good service they are providing.

How could Ibero Uganda improve its services?

I ‘d like to do irrigation on my farm.
It could be to either visit other irrigation systems and learn what they are doing, or it could be to give long-term loans for starting irrigation systems on our farms – that would be great.

At my farm, I have the water in place, which is enough to irrigate my farm. I have a good pump which can help me to pump enough water out of the ground. But now my need is to distribute the water to the garden. I have a need for that, I am lacking this possibility. If Ibero could help me with that, it would be great.