Ibero Kenya

Marta Cortés

George Muchomba
Family farmer from Kenya

What does coffee mean to you?

It means everything to me: You get from it  all  that you need to cater for your needs. Even if it is not a lot, it has at least catered for my children’s school fees and all other expenses at home.

When did you join the sustainability initiative?

I joined in 2016. We made an agreement to work together.

How do you feel about the cooperation with NKG?

It is a great thing as they are doing a good job. They support me much more than the coffee cooperative societies here do. Improvements on the farm are greater than I have ever seen before in my years as coffee farmer – although I thought that  I was doing fine already.

What have you learnt from the cooperation with NKG?

I learned about coffee agronomy and the use of fertilizers to improve the nutrition of my plants. We now apply the fertilizer at larger scale than we used to do before – about three to four times in a year.

What has NKG done for your community?

They have renovated and constructed modern facilities in the local primary and secondary school.

They also train the farmers at school. They have established a well maintained coffee demonstration farm at the school. Here, the farmers can learn from and see that coffee farming can be done in a profitable way and also successfully with different varieties.