Finca la Puebla

Marta Cortés

Daniel Aranda
Sustainability Manager at Finca la Puebla, Mexico

How did you first hear about the farm?

For those of us who are in the coffee sector, Finca la Puebla has always been a talking point: When comparing it with the „normal“ smallholder farm in Mexico, la Puebla represents both a territorial extension and a technified system. It is a strong pillar in the production area of the region. Whoever knows about coffee, knows the Puebla farm.

Since when do you work at Finca La Puebla?

I joined the sustainability team of Finca la Puebla four years ago. These last years have been wonderful and full of pleasant experiences, both personal and professional.

What does it mean to you to work within sustainability?

Sustainability includes so many interesting aspects. For me personally, working in the area of sustainability means balancing the part of production, care for the environment and above all, to ensure the well-being of our staff and people. That’s why, at Finca la Puebla, we take sustainability very seriously.

What aspect of sustainability do you find most interesting and Why?

Personally, there are several aspects that are of interest to me. One is the part of sustainable production with adaptations to climate change . The other is the part of the coffee processing, mainly when it comes to process innovation with improvements that allow making the inputs more efficient, e.g. in terms of energy and environmental solutions.

How is your sustainability team set up? What are the main tasks?

Our sustainability team is formed by all the parties involved in the production of coffee, that is to say:

  • An agronomist responsible for the production and for implementing sustainable alternatives in the field;
  • a person who monitors the part of processing and takes care of energy inputs;
  • another person who monitors occupational health & safety . Including worker rights and benefits;
  • and the managerial part, which monitors and evaluates the impacts

From your point of view, what is the farm‘s greatest achievement?

We are achieving certifications under the Rainforest Alliance, UTZ and 4C labels, which attest and support our efforts to achieve sustainable agriculture.