Exportadora de Café California

Marta Cortés

René Pereyra Cruz
Family farmer from Mexico

I am René Pereyra Cruz and 52 years old. I have five children: three boys and two girls.

How did your partnership with ECC start? Why did you join their sustainability program Por Más Café?

They offered me to renew a quarter of a hectare on my farm, which was affected by Roya. Their agronomists would give me full support with the farm renovation, and they would also provide me with fertilizer. Additionally, we were offered a loan for seven years! And well, that was exactly what we needed, because we needed money to start over after the coffee leaf rust crisis.

What motivated me more than anything was to test if it could work.

What did you learn so far?

They showed us how to fertilize the new plants, how to fumigate – how to take care of the coffee. And you can see it with your own eyes, the renewed area looks great. So far, I have renovated 0.25 hectare under Por Más Café.

What changes can you see as a results of the program?

The new coffee trees already produce. If everything goes well, we expect a good harvest of 12 quintals this year in the 0.25 hectare renovated under Por Más Café.

What do you like most about the program?

As I told you we were offered this 7-year-loan. And, well, I am very happy that I might be able to start paying it back in coffee in 2019.

How is this going to help your family?

Previously, we did not know how to move forward after the crisis. Now, we will pay this credit back that ECC offered us and we still have additional resources to sustain our family.

Where would you like to get further support from NKG?

The new plants already started to get productive. What we could need now are the drying yards, fermentation tanks and pulping machines. This would be a very helpful investment.