Compañía Internacional del Café

Marta Cortés

Carmen Lourdes Peñaloza
Family farmer from Peru

How did you become a coffee producer?

My deceased husband, Mr. Lorenzo Romero bought these lands from the ClA. PERUVIAN CORPORATION, being very young in the 1960s.

Since when do you work as a farmer? What does coffee mean to you?

Since I got married 40 years ago, I am working on the farm. It’s my life and it’s my passion.

How did you first hear about the sustainability initiative?

A field technician of the CCE program of COINCA visited me and explained to me the benefits of sustainability.

Why did you join the initiative?

Because I understood that sustainability is the only thing that can guarantee us a future within coffee.

How do you feel about the cooperation with NKG?

NKG is a fantastic human group. They advise me on my activities in the field.

What did you learn until now?

I learned to improve my agricultural practices, to register my activities and to produce more.

What is the best result of the program?

The coffee plantation renewal program is excellent, it helps us to produce more and at lower

How do you expect NKG to support you in future?

Financing and technical assistance is what coffee farmers need most in Peru.