Beneficio de Café Montecristo

Marta Cortés

Alexander Bonilla
Family farmer from Costa Rica

How did you start as a coffee producer?

My name is Alexander Bonilla, I live in Ceiba Alta de Acosta, Costa Rica,
and I am a coffee producer in this area.

My whole life has revolved around coffee: Thanks to coffee my dad was able to teach us the values
of work. Also thanks to coffee we always had food on our plates,
clothes and education. My dad showed us how to plant coffee trees and the multiple tasks that revolve around  it.  In the modern world it is important to have doctors, engineers and more studied people. However, we should not neglect that the new generations don’t forget the importance of agriculture. Coffee has given our community a lot throughout the years.  The young generations should always have at least a little education in coffee farming.

What does coffee mean to you?

Coffee farming and picking brings a great lifestyle: You can exercise and breathe fresh air all day while you work. In my case I feel that it’s therapy. I hope the new generations are able to learn how to enjoy a little of this in the future.

What is your opinion of CECA and their sustainability initiative?

I am now working more than 30 years with Ceca, and I look forward to continue the relationship, as I have always enjoyed the benefits that have been provided. Ceca always offers very competitive prices for my cherries. They have always been very flexible and open to provide financing whenever I have been in need, CECA has also always provided great options for fertilizers plus the technical information to take good decisions in our fields. My family is very grateful for Ceca, because every time we’ve needed something, they have reached out to take our hand.

How would you like CECA to help you in the future?

We would like CECA to continue to teach us the proper practices with the management of new coffee varieties, such as Obata. It’s important to continue the talk about how to be efficient in controlling pests, and how to get overall better results from our fields.