Berindo Jaya

Marta Cortés

Family farmer from Indonesia

Where do you come from and what does coffee mean to you?

My name is Tumiarsih. I am from the Sumber Jaya village, BBPR Ranau Tengah.

For me and for my family, coffee is the main source of income.

How did you become a coffee farmer and what does it mean to you?

In 1990, I got married to a coffee farmer and since then I have been growing coffee myself. I like it to be a famer. I feel that it was a good thing to become a coffee farmer. Coffee provides us better income.

How did you first hear about the sustainability initiative and why did you join it?

I first learned about this program from my husband, who had joined the same program earlier.

I joined the program as I thought it would be useful to learn about new farming technologies.

What did you learn so far?

I am part of the program since September 2014 and I feel happy about it.  We’ve obtained useful information on good coffee farming practices. For example I have learned a lot about pruning and fertilizing and know how to apply it now.

What is the biggest change for you as a result of the program?

The biggest change and learning is that we now know how to do the pruning correctly.

How do you expect ICP to support you in future?

I hope that this program will be continued in future.