Beneficio de Café Montecristo

Marta Cortés

Marta Cortés
Family farmer from Honduras

Since when do you work as a farmer and what does it mean to you?

I work within coffee since ever. It’s my family’s business. My farm is located above 1400 a.s.l. and main variety is Lempira IHCAFE 90. These days, I produce 25 quintals of green coffee per hectare.

How did you first hear about the sustainability initiative?

I learned about BECAMO‘s sustainability initiative directly from their agronomists Yeni Maldonado and Anain Cantarero. They came to offer us technical assistance; financing and certification training.

Why did you join the initiative?

Farmers in this region need technical assistance to improve production. We joined the initiative to learn about agronomic practices to produce more and better coffee while at the same time protecting our forest and water sources.

How do you feel about the cooperation with NKG?

I am satisfied with the program, for me this cooperation is very important. I value the support that Becamo gives to the small producer.

What did you learn so far?

I have learned to grow my coffee responsibly, using fewer polluting products. Coffee is our main activity here. Protecting the environment pays off in a better family income.

What is the biggest change for you as a result of the program?

The knowledge they give us is what helps us to improve. By meeting the standards they demand us we have improved our family income.

Where would you like to get further support from NKG?

We expect to continue the technical assistance, including environmental projects and improving our coffee quality.