Group Companies

Neumann Gruppe GmbH


Neumann Gruppe GmbH is the holding and management service unit for Neumann Kaffee Gruppe.

It is the binding tie between NKG's operative companies and lends equal support to each profit center of the group. In its role as management service unit Neumann Gruppe GmbH develops the corporate strategy for individual companies together with the local management, monitors and guides group companies and promotes cooperation within NKG.

Moreover, Neumann Gruppe GmbH provides financial planning, offers marketing and communications support and is in charge of human resource development.

Neumann Gruppe GmbH is privately owned. The members of the Board of Management are:

David M. Neumann
Managing Partner

Peter Sielmann
Managing Director

Pablo García C.
Managing Director

Jörn Severloh
Managing Director

Chairman of the Supervisory Board is Dr. Claus-Georg Nette.